ink drawing amy hay

I participated in #the100dayproject on Instagram which was hosted by artist Elle Luna. Artists were prompted to pick something creative and do that thing for 100 days.  I liked seeing what other people came up with.  For my project I decided to do a series of drawings using a twig for a pen and various inks.  I ended up using a different type of twig every day.  It wasn’t my intention in the beginning, but after awhile it turned into a must.  Between my Dad’s amazing collection of trees and our Weekly Homeschool Field Classes I managed to use 100 different twigs. Here are a handful of my favorites.  Look for prints of them in the shop.

skulldimensioncycledeerphilosopheralone in thoughtriver towninfinityspaceshipcaged mindtwigs

The whole 100 days can be seen by searching #100daysoftwigandink on Instagram. Check it out.

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