About amyhay

I am a Southern California native. I've been an artist most of my life. I enjoy many mediums, especially woodblock printing. I work at my studio, Centaur's Arrow, in Old Town Orange. I am also co-founder of Coast Live Oak School where I co-teach Weekly Home School Outdoor classes with my husband. I love spending time with my BIG family.

Color by Nature

  Some of my favorite times with Coast Live Oak School are when we go to the Santa Ana Mountains.  I’ve been going to this spot with my husband since high school. The colors tell many stories to me.  Practically … Continue reading

Wild At Art

                         I recently sat in with the guys at The Authenticity Show to talk about creativity, inspiration, process, and more.  I listen to a few podcasts, but this was my first experience participating in one.  After my nerves settled, … Continue reading

Dark Light

I created this album art for Oliver Althoen’s latest album titled Dark Light.  I used india ink and water with brushes to make a handful of pieces while listening to the album as inspiration.  The tracks on this album are … Continue reading