custom metal

street view

I recently designed a custom metal fence and gate for a private residence.  I used their huge Sycamore and the local terrain as my inspiration.  I started by doing a few gouache paintings, then scanned the approved image.  I used the image as a template to redraw it in vector using Illustrator to create actual size files.  These files were then used to plasma cut the metal sheets by my metal working friend, Denis.  He also did the welding. Three of my brothers helped with the install, which included a dry fitting 2 weeks before the actual install.  You can see the final piece peeking out to the left of the house.

ready to install

into place


Above: Back side of the fence during the dry fit.

through the bushes

open gate


straight-on.jpg_effectedAll installed!  After going through the various choices of metal finishes, the homeowners decided to leave the fence/gate’s surface unfinished.  They plan to let it age naturally for a while, when it gets to where they like it, they’ll seal it.  I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes.
I’ll keep you posted.

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