natural patterns

original pics

I take lots of pictures of the natural world around me.  One thing I like using the pictures for is digital collage.  I’ve done quite a few and they can vary in the amount of photos I use.
The Images above are the two I used for the pattern below.

succulent twigs

I often picture my patterns as prints for fabric and even the clothing pieces that fabric would make.
I did a search for “white pencil skirt + crop top” to see if I could find a picture I could photoshop the print on.  I found this one of Nicole Scherzinger on this Pinterest board. (changed the color of her shoes too)
I wouldn’t mind owning this.


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recycled paper sketchbook


6x8 recycled sketchbook My sketchbook of choice lately has been this purse-size recycled paper one
I purchased at, my favorite, Art Supply Warehouse.

Here are a few pages from recently.

watercolor by amy k hay

Watercolor sketch

pencil drawing by amy k hay

Pencil drawing


Ink pointillism drawing.

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mountain trail phone case



New to the shop this week… The Mountain Trail phone case for iphone 4 and 5.  The artwork is from the watercolor below.  When people ask me what kind of art I do, it’s nice to just whip out my phone and show them an example.

phone cases based off original watercolor painting by amy k hay, centaur's arrow, orange CA

You can get your very own here.

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