Ink Paintings

ink painting by CA artist Amy Hay

These pieces are ink paintings on watercolor paper from recently.  I enjoy using the white of the paper as part of my drawing line.
I water down the ink and layer it to create values. In the top image I used metallic ink as well.
Some are available for purchase here.

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ink drawing amy hay

I participated in #the100dayproject on Instagram which was hosted by artist Elle Luna. Artists were prompted to pick something creative and do that thing for 100 days.  I liked seeing what other people came up with.  For my project I decided to do a series of drawings using a twig for a pen and various inks.  I ended up using a different type of twig every day.  It wasn’t my intention in the beginning, but after awhile it turned into a must.  Between my Dad’s amazing collection of trees and our Weekly Homeschool Field Classes I managed to use 100 different twigs. Here are a handful of my favorites.  Look for prints of them in the shop.

skulldimensioncycledeerphilosopheralone in thoughtriver towninfinityspaceshipcaged mindtwigs

The whole 100 days can be seen by searching #100daysoftwigandink on Instagram. Check it out.

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looking up

tree friends


I capture lots of images while exploring in our outdoor classes.  The trees tend to draw me in the most.  Here are a few images I like from my vast collection of tree photos.  Trees are so inspiring on so many levels.

bare tree

who are you?

vine support

lone bird

so inviting

oh, great one

hanging out

stay rooted

Trees, trees, we need more of these!

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throwback thursday


Throwback to when my signature was amy k hernandez and my zip code was 97205.
My first winter in Portland and my first printmaking class. (my first RIVES BFK)
This is a mono print I did with rolled ink and xerox transfers.

transfer raintown usa

This piece is Untitled, but says so much to me about those years in the PNW.
It officially belongs to my brother.

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