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the work of artist, amy hernandez hay

about the artist


Amy Hernandez Hay is a Southern California native.  She has been an artist for most of her life, professionally for 15 years.  Over 20 years ago Amy discovered printmaking.  She is drawn to the process of creating woodcuts.  She also produces art through drawing, painting, cut paper, murals, plasma cut metal, laser cut wood, fiber art, sewing, and graphics.

 In 2010 Amy cofounded Coast Live Oak School with her husband,  Mark Hay.  Together they teach classes that integrate history and  ecology with native and ancestral skills.  They explore Orange County’s  natural spaces and create tools from nature without the use of metal  tools.

Amy is inspired by the passage of time, realities occurring  simultaneously, the natural world and how humans interact with it.  Her  art ranges from representational to abstract.  Her art education  consists of some time at Pacific  Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon and Orange Coast College in  Costa Mesa, California.


artist statement

In my work I explore the formation of layers. Layers can be material,  intellectual, or spiritual.  We can follow our own or another’s life  story through passage of time and see the creation of layers as change  happens over a lifetime. We can also follow a flowing stream, or the  life of a tree, or the form of a bird’s nest, and find this process of  layering.  Many layers, the life stories of many living beings or places  or even objects, can overlap and interact to create dynamic patterns or  forms.  I watch to find the beauty in the patterns and forms created in these moments.  I look to see the small details or subtle patterns that emerge and give way to larger forms and patterns.  I am interested in  capturing motion with these coiniciding patterns.  I am drawn to working  in mediums that rely on layers like ink, watercolor, graphite, acrylic  and printmaking.  Their various qualities allow me to capture the vast  worlds existing on each layer that build my images.